15 Tips to Reduce Belly Safely

Check now these 15 tips to reduce belly safely lose weight and actually keep fit in a few days:

15 Tips for reducing belly.

1. You should eat and indeed crude fiber foods to improve bowel function and digestion;

2. Avoid by all means beverages containing gas, you’re usually drinks are very sweet and abdominal volume increase;

3. Do not eat fried foods under any circumstances, it is not. Besides having many calories these fried foods, you can eat them with other foods;

4. Avoid eating prepared or industrialized condiments, frozen because they have more salt and water retention promote food, which increases the feeling of swelling in the belly;

5. Start meals always a salad plate. This is to reduce the stomach and control hunger. Eat a pear 20 minutes before lunch and dinner is a good trick to decrease appetite.

. 6. Practice regular physical activity In addition to helping lose weight belly, also helps to improve circulation, welfare and gives you confidence in yourself;

7. Increase your metabolism consuming red pepper, green tea, ginger and ice water. These foods are thermogenic and help the body to lose calories. 5 glasses of water a day is 200 calories.

8. You must maintain good posture, as this will help to reduce the round shape of your belly;

9. You must make 6 meals a day and chew each meal so you’re going to give your brain time to understand that you have food in your stomach.;

10. Drink lots of water, preferably away from meals. Do not drink between meals. In addition to cleaning your body, water also hydrates the intestines, and starts regulating bowel function;

11. Avoid sweets whether or if, like desserts, and give preference to citrus or gelatin, which also helps fight the flab;

12. Eliminate all sources of fat skins of birds or meat fat are added, such as margarine;

To reduce belly safely limit your carbohydrate intake.

13. Do not eat more than one serving of carbohydrates per meal. For example, if you eat potatoes, and eat not eat rice or pasta, do not need to eat bread at the same meal.

14. You read the labels on food packaging before buying and be aware if the information relates to the whole package or just part of it.

15. Follow these tips to reduce belly for at least 10 days and let your body get used to these changes gradually. The results will appear in short time.

Another tips to reduce belly is weigh yourself every 10 days to avoid generating anxiety in your brain. It is advisable to weigh yourself every day, but if you always do in the same time and on the same scale.

To continue losing weight is important to measure yourself with a tape measure waist belt passing over the navel and record the values ​​to better visualize your progress in losing belly up to a good shape.

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