3 Foods to avoid if you want to lose weight

To lose weight efficiently we have to control the food we eat.

Take care of all aspects of our food, from food to combine them as key to a healthy life

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Experts in diet often say that we must clean our pantry, cupboards and refrigerator of food that we saved when starting a new weight loss plan .

I completely agree. It is important to realize that the food we have right now in our kitchen are the culprits.

But often, people do not have time for a full review of the foods that we keep in your kitchen, so if you have little time, but are committed to lose weight and get a slim and fit body, eliminate these foods from your diet is a good start to begin your weight loss plan.

3 Foods to avoid if you want to lose weight

Take your trash, open the refrigerator door and dump these three elements to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight faster.

Salad Dressing.

A salad sounds like a food of the diet perfect.

Many people think that if your plate full of healthy vegetables achieve #loseweight , right?


In many cases, your salad is a diet disaster. And many times, the salad is what adds more fat and calories.

In small amounts, salad dressings are not so bad, but when is the last time you measured the amount being poured into your salad?

The calories in salad dressings can ruin your energy balance for the day.

Even fat-free dressings have a downside. Often, they are full of sugar and are especially very high-calorie foods.

A better option is to add spices, tasty ingredients like peppers or radishes.

O our salad dressing with lemon or olive oil

Coffee creams

If you are someone who can not live without the sweet taste, cream of coffee in the morning, sorry to be the one to tell you you have to do without it if you want to lose weight.

When reading the label will see that these foods are full of calories and fat, and because they are so rich we tend to eat too much, exceeding healthy despises us little amounts.

And if you search creams low fat coffee, the story is even worse because they have all kinds of food in its composition so that we are more tasty, to be a source of hidden calories.

A better option is to learn to make healthier drinks flavored coffee at home.


Again, juices sound like foods that are part of a healthy breakfast.

In fact, some people looking to lose weight avoid all the foods juice to drink only food.

But actually when we drink fruit juice we are drinking a glass full of sugar.

The juice contains vitamins that are good for us, but why not eat a whole piece of fruit?

You might be surprised to find that when the calories of an orange compared with the calories in a glass of orange juice we see that it is much better to eat the whole fruit.

The only thing that these foods have in common is that many people who diet to lose weight think they are healthy because they contain an ingredient label or because they have a healthy appearance.

Often eat too much food bearing that “health halo” and ended up consuming too much fat, calories and ingredients that are not good for us disguised in these foods.

Of course, these foods our kitchen is just the beginning of a thorough cleaning, but we must start somewhere to achieve weight loss, and a good way is to eliminate from our diet these foods.

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