3 good exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

The question is Your abdominal fat your belly protrudes and looks unattractive irritates you? The many plans and to control your weight training you offer warranty tons of things, even if you have frustrated, possibly you need are good exercises that help you to reduce abdominal fat.

Here are 3 exercises to reduce abdominal fat.

1) The bikes on the floor.


Rests on the floor on your back. Everyone has a curve in the spine in the lower back which usually rises a little and hardly touches the ground. Precionar sure your back down to earth.

Put your hands on your head. Lift the curve to the left and the right elbow knee touch. Without carrying the raised knee and arm down, also you have to do touch your elbow to the opposite knee.

Repeat this cycle 20 times before returning to your starting position. This, along with two other exercises that will explain below, you will reduce tummy fat. Move on to the next exercise.

2) full circle Giro body, trunk and torso.


Stand up straight on the floor, with your feet apart and hands on hips. When you feel stable enough, he raises both hands and attach them together over your head.

Turn right side without moving your legs from this curvate down position and to your right side, going towards the foot and arches doblandote with your body-trunk in a circle passing to your left foot and finish the curve and held his hands up over your head.

You can start by lifting your right or to your liking. You must make 5 circles turns full body-trunk that begin on either side, then switch sides.

3) Another exercise to reduce abdominal fat are crunches.


Crunches are essential and convincing. A few people skip crunches assuming they are outdated or are difficult to make, or both. Crunches focus on excess fat excess that meets in your abdomen.

She starts screwing around on the floor, staring at the ceiling. Your knees should be bent and your feet resting on the floor. You should keep your hands to ear level. Your lower back is curved doing some high ground it.

Press your back fully until it touches the ground. Bend up until your shoulders to lift off the ground by a few centimeters. Hold that position for five seconds. Relax. Return to the starting position and repeat.

These focused workouts, you should feel safe to reduce abdominal fat quickly.

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