4 Nutrition Programs that you should avoid when you want to Lose Weight

In the field of nutrition have been proposed many theories, but many of them interfere with your good health, when you want to lose weight so we want to show you what the 4 nutrition programs should avoid being nothing recommendable because impacts that may occur in the functioning of your body.

When trying to lose weight do not appear before the options you show below because they can provoke drastic shortfalls in the nutrients that are essential to the functioning of your body.

Nutrition plans that you should avoid

1. A raw food nutrition: As the name implies, is consuming uncooked meals to prepare because many of its nutrients are lost.

True, as far as possible should be consumed raw fruits and vegetables, but this diet can cause many problems in terms of health because they do not completely eliminate the bacteria that may be present in food.

Wash them in a rigorous and thorough way could make a difference.

2. A food based nutrition HCG: a diet too low in calories, but are included in 500-800 during the day and also supplements and injections are used.

Any diet that is below 1000 calories can be very harmful because it gives us the energy to meet our daily routines.

Although this diet you lose weight very quickly, easily recover in a few days. As in most fast diets, the rebound effect works against us.

3. A cabbage soup nutrition: usually any diet that you feed only propose a food has a positive impact on your nutrition.

It is not recommended because it is full of liquid and limits the intake of other nutrients that are essential to health and especially for digestion.

Like the previous diet, this can make you lose weight in just a week, but the effects on your metabolism are not positive, also in a couple of days can recover the kilos you have lost.

4. A water base nutrition: believe it or not, has even suggested a diet that is based on taking only water. According to whom he proposed, just serving food on a plate and put them in your mouth, but not eating. The justification given for this diet is that the brain assimilates you are eating by simply having food in your mouth.

Obviously this is a nutrition program that should never follow due to the large imbalance that can hit your body.

Will you be providing no nutrient and would not have the energy needed, even to get out of bed.

If you want to follow a diet, worry more for the long-term by how quickly lose weight.

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