5 foods to stop eating (right now!)

Today food choices for our food choice is huge

However, not all foods available to us are healthy

Some foods we eat have a reputation for healthy , when in reality they are not, while other foods have been demonized for no reason and we dare not eat them.

However, the choice of the right foods depends on our health and our attempts to lose weight or possibly for keeping fit,

5 foods to stop eating

Here are some foods that I’d only known the truth hiding behind and try to avoid them whenever you can.

1. processed foods with refined white flour

These foods can be found easily in the form of donuts, white bread, muffins and the like.

White flour is transformed so that we lose the fiber and key nutrients.
Here is bleached and processed by adding synthetic nutrients.

The carbohydrates refined have become an important part of the diet moderate and have been linked to obesity and related diseases.
To solve this problem choose foods to include in your whole wheat flour composition of organic origin.

Studies have found that eating whole grains can lead to reduce belly fat .

2. Low-fat

In the 1980s, it became fashionable low-fat foods.

From there everyone myth that low-fat foods are better for health and weight loss helped us believed.

What people do not realize is that in order to make a meal of good taste, to remove grease, food manufacturers need to add additional ingredients to make taste better.

Thus, this type These foods are often highly processed and are added additives such as sugar, which create spikes in blood sugar and can lead to weight gain.

When choosing your food looks good label and thinks fewer ingredients are always the best.

3. Highly processed cereals

Sugary cereals are highly processed with added sweeteners and low in fiber they are not the best way to start the day.

Check the ingredients and try to find a cereal that has

  • only ingredients that are familiar with
  • including the fewer ingredients are better
  • avoid having a high fructose corn syrup
  • NEVER be our cereals contain BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), which has been linked to cancer and is also an endocrine disruptor, which will affect your hormones and make it impossible to lose weight.


Quinoa recommend to create a healthy breakfast cereals.

4. Dairy foods non-organic meat and eggs

Meat and dairy products from animals are one of the worst enemies to our health.

Apart from the fact that these animals are inhumanely and forced treaties to sleep and eat clenched in tight in a sea of feces spaces, which are pumped with chemicals and antibiotics and foods with synthetic food, these conditions our animals affect us negatively when eaten.

In order to keep up with demand grow faster and fatter, the animals are injected with hormones, a risk of massive cancer and also introduced our own endocrine system, it causes us to gain weight and give problems our metabolism.


When buying eggs, look for those etiquette with keywords such as grass-fed and looking for a certified organic food.

For milk, I recommend trying non-animal alternatives such as almond milk or coconut.

When buying meat, also search organic certification and try to choose lean cuts.

5. frozen yogurt

I know it seems a better choice than ice cream and while it might have less calories, it’s still not a health food.

The frozen yogurt is a highly processed mixture that comes in a large cardboard box and poured into the machines that are frozen and then dispensed.

Many of them contain nasty ingredients such as soybean oil and palm oil, a seaweed that has been linked to stomach cancer.

Again, if these yogurts milk is not organic is plagued absorption bovine growth hormones that can really wreak havoc on your health and your ability to lose weight.


Here is a good alternative to frozen yogurt:

Frozen peeled bananas and add a high-speed blender with a couple of tablespoons of milk, vanilla and salt.

Initially, you will achieve a smooth consistency, but after freezing for a couple of hours, have a taste more like ice cream.

As you see your health is delicate, so when weight loss to the general public is of great importance to look and choose what to eat the best foods.

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