6 Food Weight Loss That you should avoid

If you are trying again and again to lose weight and keep fit, meet 6 foods that you should avoid for fat loss we offer that will drive you directly to the goal you beam path.

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1 – Meals fat free

It is an unfortunate fact that much fat a bad name among dieters. True, fat contains more than twice the calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates, but some fat is necessary for absorption of vitamins and have satiety.

Fat free foods usually contain more sugar than their “full” version or relatives “reduced fat”. They also tend to quench less, leading many people to eat more such products in an attempt to satisfy their natural anxiety fat.

So instead of eating only foods free of grease, commit to eating moderate portions of reduced-fat foods such as dairy products such as well as avocados, nuts, olive oil or salmon amount. These foods contain unsaturated fats that will complete your needs and improve the health of your heart.

2 – Diet Sodas

The diet soda is the best friend of dieters. Is not it? After all, no calories, so you can not have harmful effects.

Wrong! Artificial sweeteners such as those found in these beverages have been the focus of several scientific studies that found that people who only drink diet sodas are more likely to be overweight than those who occasionally drink sodas, but not diet. There is some debate about this, but some experts suspect that artificial sweeteners stimulate the production of insulin, which increases appetite.

Water is the healthiest and recommended for those who are on a diet drink.The black tea and green tea are good while. But if you can not let go of fizzy drinks at least limit your intake to only a few bottles per week.

3 – Dietary meals frozen and packaged

Dietary frozen meals are very convenient and some have excellent taste. Only purchase a package, put it in the microwave and you have a quick meal low calories and you can take anywhere.

The problem with this type of food is its high sodium content. Your body only needs 500 milligrams of sodium to function properly. More than that amount may have an irritating effect on your organs and can provoke swelling and elevate your blood pressure. If you eat one or more meals such a day, easily and give ingerirás has three times more sodium you need per day, or more!

Some manufacturers offer options frozen foods low in sodium. Those test, or take along a can of soup, low sodium level. Also you can pack yourself a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with broccoli and any other vegetables such as baby carrots, to enjoy a healthy snack.

4 – CafĂ©

Caffeine causes a decrease in appetite and stimulates energy, which has earned a reputation as a good diet supplement. However, the coffee (and any drink high in caffeine) may actually work against your efforts to lose weight in three different ways.

First, the coffee is usually ingested together with sugar or cream. Many dieters forget to include these factors when engaged calculate calorie intake. If you usually buy lattes in the morning, you will soon abandon this habit. A large coffee with milk can win hundreds of calories, so if you drink coffee, it just black or skim milk.

Much coffee can also cause you shakiness or nervousness, adding a load of extra stress on your body. When your body feels stressed, produces the hormone cortisol, which causes abdominal fat storage. Reducing coffee intake will achieve feel more relaxed and you’ll sleep better, all of which will play an appropriate reaction against the production of cortisol.

Finally, caffeine is a diuretic. Pushed out the fluids in your body and as a result, it can leave you dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can cause your kidneys to stop working efficiently. Your liver acts as a filter backup system, which it departs from its usual function of metabolizing fat. Therefore, dehydration mechanism slows the metabolism of fat, which is an additive to their other undesirable side effects.

Try to build the habit of drinking one or two glasses of water for every cup of coffee you make. This fight dehydration and give you the benefits of increased water intake by itself.

5 – Diet Shakes

The shakes for weight loss may seem like a good idea. They are convenient, carefully laid in portions to control calories, and many of them are tasty and nutritious.

But diet shakes are usually not satisfy as much as a regular meal. Some also have high percentages of sugar, which is not good news for those who want to limit their intake of simple carbohydrates. Sugar at once can cause spikes in blood glucose which can lead to binge, being very difficult to keep your appetite under control.

The price is also something to be considered. The money spent on diet shakes is money you could invest in more nutrients and satisfy your appetite with solid food. The cost of diet shakes can really increase your budget, especially if you take several a day.

Some shakes diet containing high levels of calories, as they are designed to replace meals. If you also eat regular meals, calories will increase very quickly.

6 – Food Diet “junk”

There are a variety of sandwiches reduced calorie, reduced fat, reduced sugar in the local market. But the food “junk”, despite being dietetics, remains “junk” food. So do not waste the amount of calories you should consume in “virtuous” sandwiches.

When trying to lose weight, every calorie counts. It is much better for your body if loads with high quality food nutrition involving a small amount of calories. Potato chips, cookies diet or diet snacks are good at times, but add empty calories to your daily intake.

Monitors the use of artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes. Many people are sensitive to aspartame or saccharin. Much of these substances can provoke swelling, joint pains, increased hunger or fatigue. Olestra, the fat substitute used in some types of potato chips, can cause intestinal pain or diarrhea. Some sugar alcohols used to sweeten sugar-free treats can have the same effects if ingested in large quantities.

The diet snacks labeled “cholesterol free” can be misleading. If such products contain tropical oils such as palm kernel oil or coconut oil, you can bet it will be full of saturated fat, the kind of fat that clogs your arteries. Tropical oils while technically lacking cholesterol when consumed can cause an increase in cholesterol levels.

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