7 Reasons to Add to Your Diet Yogurt

People around the world know that yogurt always find in supermarkets and often in refrigerators of all households. But you know what it contains and what its benefits for your body are?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the United Nations, yogurt is a food that is derived from lactic fermentation bacteria is added – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus in fact, are beneficial for the body.

Reasons for adding yogurt to your diet.

Add these fruit makes food more tasty and attractive. Check now some of the reasons why you should add yogurt to your diet.

But remember that miss eating yogurt should not be excessive, you should keep the balance with other important nutrients for a healthy body.

– Yogurt.

In the process of making yogurt, microorganisms mention you are in the use of lactose – therefore they are not as harmful to people with lactose intolerance. This also helps to have better digestion product.

– Yogurt is rich in calcium, vitamin A, B vitamins and protein.

– Yogurt is a food that requires no delay in the preparation, but even so remains in a healthy way and is beneficial, unlike other instant products that harm the body, such as frozen.

-. One of the most publicized benefits of yogurt and that is scientifically proven is that yogurt can restore your gut with healthy substances, even yogurt prevents gastrointestinal complications such as cancer and colitis.

– In the presence of calcium in yogurt is important to strengthen the body, for the proper care of bones, teeth and some mechanisms of muscles.

– Yogurt can help to have a more flexible reasoning, also promote energy production by the cells.

– The nutrients and substances present in yogurt definitely further stimulate the body’s defenses, increasing its capacity to respond to disease more effectively.

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