7 Small Definitions Fast Diets

Given that there are millions of people with problems of obesity and overweight in the world, currently there are a number of possibilities regarding fast diets that often solve this problem in the shortest time possible, and although there are many that can harm the body, we have selected a synopsis of the 7 best fast diets, which can give very good results if you take them carefully and do not overdo it in time and the changes you make in your diet. Searching works best for you and evaluates the pros and cons before starting your quick diet.

Options fast diets
1. Diet of three hours
This diet involves eating small meals every three hours during the day. They say it works because the metabolism remains on alert mode. In this eating plan no restricted food, but it is important to look how to prepare and above all, control portion sizes.

2. Diet according to blood type
In this fast diet is proposed to vary the type of food consumed as our blood type. According to this diet, blood differs in the way and the amount of protein that assimilates, and it is necessary to consider which type is most appropriate for each organism proteins.

3. Diet Caveman
This is one of the most peculiar fast diets. Consists only choose foods that were present during this period of history, ie, a few fruits and poorly cooked meat.

4. Grapefruit Diet
As its name suggests, is an eating plan prepared based on the consumption of grapefruit juice with meals. This diet also includes the consumption of spices and some protein. This diet with no more than 1000 calories ingested every day. Some of the curious elements with this plan is that it should not be eaten food prepared in aluminum containers.

5. Diet to purify
It is one of the strictest fast diets because it is based on fluid intake to detoxify the body and stop for a few days on fat and carbohydrates. It lasts 10 days and is based on natural lemonade intake throughout the day.

6. Mediterranean Diet
It is consume only fresh raw foods. Only fruits and vegetables raw and once a day, some fish or grilled chicken and a glass of red wine intake. In addition to weight loss, it is said that this diet is very effective to detoxify the body.

7. Volumetric Diet
The goal of this diet is not only lose weight, is to bring people to acquire healthier habits for life. It is based on the consumption of foods high in water and fiber to prolong satiety.

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