The 7 Best Protein Bars For Women – 2020 Reviews

I, for one, love granola bars in general, but protein bars do more than just taste great. They’re perfect for a healthy diet by helping you feel full, allowing your muscles to recover, contributing to weight loss, and lowering blood pressure. With so many options however, it may be a little tough to find the top ones for us ladies.

7 Best Protein Bars For Women

thinkThin High

Roasted peanuts with creamy milk chocolate sounds pretty good to me, but the 0g of sugar and 20g of protein is great too. ThinkThin protein bar is even gluten free and low glycemic, so it’ll work for all diets.

Why It’s So Popular
– They’re filling and large compared to others
– They taste like candy without being unhealthy like one
– Ingredient quality is quite high

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– The main sweetener is malitol, which may have negative effects
– Despite the fact that it’s natural sugar, there’s still a lot of malitol



LUNA BAR – Gluten Free 

LUNA protein bar for women is certainly popular. They’ve got lots of flavors like blueberry that are made with organic oats and are gluten free. These are even non-GMO.

Why It’s So Popular
– Great ratio of fat, carbs, and proteins
– The extra dose of calcium makes them well-suited for ladies
– The flavor is very decadent and delicious

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– People claim the recipe has been changed
– They taste very sugary



KIND, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free

The packaging for KIND protein bar is completely transparent so you can see what you’re getting. Beyond the appearance though, these are gluten free, low glycemic, a great source of fiber, and free of any oils or fats.

Why It’s So Popular
– They can serve as a meal replacement or a snack
– The taste is nutty and chocolaty, and include cranberries, cherries too
– All flavors are high in fiber and great for the digestive system

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– There are some issues with mislabeling ingredients
– There is soy lecithin


Exo Cricket Flour, Cocoa Nut

These delicious protein bars are made with cricket proteins, which are nutritious and completely sustainable. Insects are a Paleo source of protein, with no soy, dairy, gluten, or refined sugars. The fiber and healthy fats are meant to completely boost your diet.

Why It’s So Popular
– The crickets are low in saturated fat and high in omega-3s
– The consistency of nuts is great, and there are lots of flavors
– People do like the taste, and the crickets!

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– The actual bits of cacao aren’t great for texture


SHREDZ Soft Baked Center, Gluten Free

With a soft baked center and delicious flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough or cinnamon buns, SHREDS protein bars will provide you with a boot of fast energy. The ingredients are great for maximum energy.

Why It’s So Popular
– It isn’t overly sweet and the filling is soft
– The flavors are delicious with no weird aftertastes
– It’s great for a filling snack after a workout

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– It’s not the actual healthiest out there
– They’re a bit sticky on the teeth
– May be smaller than others out there



Atkins Meal, Mudslide

Atkins is especially well-known for their weight loss bars, but they also make bars with high amounts of fiber. There’s no added sugar, even though there’s marshmallows, chocolate, and pecans right in there.

Why It’s So Popular
– Don’t taste fake at all, and are still sweet
– They work great for losing weight in a balanced diet
– People rave about the flavor

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– The nutritional information is misleading, as they use a sugar substitute rather than natural sugars
– Maltitol is still a sugar, and it can be high in this sugar
– These aren’t a true low carb and sugar option


Quest, Chocolate Peanut Butter

This amazing flavor of chocolate and peanut butter still has 20g of protein in it, and is sweetened with natural sweeteners like stevia. Any carbs come from nuts, so you can be sure you’re eating healthy.

Why It’s So Popular
– They aren’t a glorified candy like some other brands
– The taste is delicious, and they still provide proper nutrition
– Diabetic and gluten-intolerant individuals can eat these with ease

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– They do use a sugar substitute that some people can’t tolerate
– Not all the flavors include the healthy sugars and have different ingredients

Not All Are Right For You

Sadly, not all are as good as they advertise. Some are so loaded with sugar that they’re more like candies! If you want a good one, the protein should be at least half of the carbs, while the sugar and fat should be below 7 and 12 grams. Athletes will benefit from 20 grams of protein. Keep an eye on the fiber too and the calories. If you’re replacing a meal, look for ones over 200 calories, but snacks should be below 200. Ingredients are always important too, and the healthiest ones should be minimally processed.

More Information

As ladies, many health products unfortunately are not marketed towards us. That doesn’t mean we should just buy whatever though! Ladies usually require about 50-60 grams of protein a day, and higher amounts if you’re more active. Protein will give you that necessary boost of energy you need for your workout as long as you find the right kind.


Protein bars for women feel like a super food with the boost of healthy energy they give. They not only give you energy, but help with weight loss and muscle recovery too. I hope you manage to find one you like, whether you’re working out or just need a boost of energy!

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