Calcium for Weight Loss

Calcium is an extremely useful to suppress lipogenesis, increased use of fat during caloric restriction and reduces the size of adipocytes item.

Before opting for calcium supplements in pill form, it is very important to know that calcium from dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt is much more effective than supplements sold in pill form.

Why is calcium important during caloric restriction?

Inside there adipocyte calcium, calcium levels within them, input modulate triglyceride and activate the synthesis of fatty acids. All nutrients are part of a complex cellular network, enabling or disabling either process. High levels of calcium and inhibit allow 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol, which is involved in many processes in the adipocyte.

On the other hand, high calcium diets contain more fat, so that an action on fatty acids which prevents digest thereof occur, so releasing the body end.

Foods rich in calcium appropriate to collaborate with your exercise plan and weight loss are:

1. cereals high in calcium

2. cereal and skim milk

3. cereal with yogurt

4. fresh cheese

According to new scientific research, to incorporate calcium-rich foods in your daily diet, in addition to providing essential nutrients for a balanced diet, helps regulate weight control and burn more calories.

In dairy foods, yogurt is advisable, since it has been ascertained that the removal works with adipose tissue and also stimulates the development of muscle mass even when muscles are at rest.

Calcium-rich foods act on the synthesis of fatty acids, causing them to be excreted by the body, so that the accumulation of fat does not occur.

Thus, the role of the calcium metabolism of fats is of great importance, as well as acting in the synthesis of fatty acids, acts on genetic factors that are associated with the accumulation of fat, particularly in the adipogenesis and RNA signaling fatty acids.

Although at the moment is unknown how it develops in depth this process, which itself is known is that calcium plays a key role in fat metabolism in the body, so it must be included in any bodybuilder diet that targets the development of muscle mass and body fat loss.

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