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Astronauts diet

The astronauts diet was rumored to be developed by NASA nutritionists to optimize the intake of nutrients from food, and to eliminate stomach issues. However, along the way, the diet became popular for another reason: weight loss. It’s difficult for other diets to match the weight loss on this diet, as it occurs so quickly. […]

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Astronaut Bone Strength

Astronaut bone loss is not something we think about often in our earthbound lives. But new research by NASA has revealed some surprising conclusions that may be beneficial to us all. The benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise in humans is common knowledge. If we eat a variety of nutritious foods and establish an […]

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Tips for defined abs

Many people who want to lose weight are usually also looking to achieve defined abs. The abs are fashionable and famous do not stop and teach models in magazines. Incidentally people lose belly fat and slim comes the temptation to go a little further and get abs of cinema. However, despite what many people think, for some ripped […]

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