Diet for athletes: The Protein Diet

A protein diet based meat unlimited.

Protein Diet makes people happy meat lovers. It can be done indefinitely but always consult your doctor.

Enough weight especially in the beginning due to loss of water is lost. The meat lovers will love this diet.

What to eat in the diet of protein?

Abundant proteins, unrestricted amounts, including:
– Meat
– Fish
– Seafood
– Eggs
– Birds
– Cheese

Prohibited foods in the diet of proteins

We must eliminate pasta, bread and foods with high amounts of refined sugar.

Menu dietary dietary protein

It can be bacon and eggs (no toast and juice)

A small salad and a double cheese burger.

A salad with blue cheese dressing and a steak or fried chicken. Snap beans, broccoli allowed along with proteins and removes bread, pasta, beans, corn and potatoes. You can eat pork skin but well fried but fruits are eliminated.

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