How to Achieve a Firm Belly

Most people give much importance to having a firm, flat belly. Every day, countless commercial promise to help “achieve a firm abdomen” or “get perfect abs”. What these trade not warn us is that abdominal fat is not only unattractive, but extremely harmful to health.

Numerous studies have found a direct relationship between abdominal fat and high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and type 2 diabetes Measure your waist and discover if you own an amount of abdominal fat that could endanger your health.

To be in a state of optimal health, men should have a waist circumference below 100 cm and women should have a circumference of less than 89 inches waist.

Here are some effective techniques that will help you get a firm belly and reduce abdominal fat that can jeopardize your health:

Move More, Eat Well

Physical exercise should not be practiced in a gym. You can burn calories while participating in activities that you find fun or satisfying. For example, gardening helps you burn hundreds of calories per hour. Team sports such as football or volleyball help burn a lot of calories every hour. Swimming is also a very fun sport burning fat. Another option is to volunteer or take long walks along nature trails.

Cardiovascular exercise accelerates your metabolism causing it to burn more calories. All that is required for the practice of these exercises is perseverance. If you find an activity you enjoy and practice regularly, you will be able to reduce many inches waist. It is also very important that from time to time are varied by your routine to burn more calories and avoid boredom.

To get a flat stomach can practice a variety of exercises.

The most effective to eliminate belly fat exercises are those that focus on working the torso and abdomen. You can work out in bicycle, make-ups and crunches with legs elevated, these exercises work the abdominal muscles more precisely.

The oblique and abdominal crunches with Swiss ball exercises are also excellent for removing abdominal fat.

Practice these exercises several times a week and you will achieve lose inches off my waist and get a flat stomach and firm. On the Internet you can find a lot of tutorials that will explain step by step how to perform each of these exercises.

There are also foods that work to eliminate abdominal fat and others who contribute to accumulate it.

The sweet carbohydrates contribute to accumulate fat in the abdominal region, however, foods rich in protein and fiber are slimming.

Looking for a nutritional plan that includes complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and unsaturated fats.

The South Beach Diet is a classic example of this type of diet and today there are a variety of similar diets why you may choose.

Learn to relax

Who would have ever thought you can lose inches waist and achieve a firm, flat stomach while you relax?

You can achieve this with the help of yoga. The practice of yoga has a dual effect on your abdomen. On the one hand, reduces stress levels that lead to weight gain. The weight gained under the effects of stress, usually tends to accumulate in the abdominal area.

If you reduce stress levels in your body and mind, you will achieve a flatter stomach, thereby decreasing the likelihood of contracting a number of diseases.

Furthermore, the practice of yoga tones the abdominal muscles. Looking for a yoga routine that includes fixed positions that make working group abdominal muscles.

You can find a DVD on yoga at any bookstore near your home or you can search online video tutorials that teach you step by step how yoga postures are practiced.

To achieve a firm, flat stomach faster you can plan your own routine of practicing yoga poses the most appropriate to make work the abdominal muscles.

As you can see, to get a firm flat belly and only requires a little effort and reward really worth any sacrifice.
Go ahead and start right now to lose belly fat and achieve the flat stomach you’ve always dreamed.

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