How To Get Skinny Legs

How To Get Skinny Legs

Getting skinny legs is not a problematic issue. However, it has a remarkable impact on the appearance of our bodies. Do you think your legs are too thick? Do you wonder how you can make your legs skinnier? Thick legs and ankles often make women lose self-confidence. They feel that their legs look shorter. Also they may give up the idea of ​​wearing skirts, shorts and skinny jeans forever – and what a waste is that! They often resort to wearing clothes that hide their legs.

I think we all agree that we should be able to wear whatever we want. We normally choose the clothes that we like, and make us happy. Not only women but also men sometimes look forward to getting skinny legs so as to look taller.
This article will feature actionable tips and information that you can implement to get skinnier legs.

Two steps for getting skinny legs

Getting the skinny legs that you dream of may be achieved through a combination of 2 steps:

  • Diet
  • Exercise

And both of them don’t exceed a few months. Some people may even be able to do so within 6-7 weeks.

Firstly, you need to know a few differences between men and women:

  • Women have a tendency to store more fat in their legs and hips. Some women may tend to have wide ankles, which become noticeable, especially if they’re above the limits of their healthy weight.
  • Men normally have thick ankles, especially when they are extremely overweight.

How to get skinnier legs?

The idea behind all the techniques used for getting skinny legs mainly depends on 2 factors:

  1. Converting fat legs to skinny legs that will look taller.
  2. Then developing the muscle mass in the legs.

That may be done through the two steps that we have mentioned before.
Is there a certain diet for getting skinny legs?
Yes, there is, and there are also certain workouts.

Skinny legs diet

Needless to say, diet affects all processes that occur in our bodies, including fat burning, fat accumulation, and fat distribution. As a result, a proper healthy diet may significantly help you get the skinny legs you wish.

  • Do not forget to eat foods that contain high amounts of protein, especially the lean proteins since they will enhance the tone of your legs through their positive effects on building up the muscle.
  • Eat or drink fewer carbohydrates such as the high fructose containing drinks.
  • Always add a high amount of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with the essential elements and vitamins. Also, vegetables mainly contain a high amount of water and dietary fibers, which enhance the digestion and defecation processes.
  • Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day (at least). Drinking plenty of water improves almost all biological processes in the body, including digestion as well as the normal distribution of fats all over the body.
  • Remove the saturated fats from your diet. Add the unsaturated fats instead. Unsaturated fats are healthier.
  • There is no need to remove the complex carbohydrates from your diet since they help stay healthy.
  • Replace the morning coffee with green tea or oolong tea. Many clinical studies have found green tea and oolong tea to improve fat burning.

Workouts for getting thinner legs

Along with diet, there are numerous workouts, which may be considered the best way to get slimmer and skinny legs. Some of them may be only performed at the gym, while others may be simply performed at home.

Firstly you need to know how the workouts may help get skinny legs.

The workouts will burn the fats stored in the legs, and will enhance blood circulation, leading to redistribution of the fats. That’s why you should mainly concentrate on the workouts that depend on the frequent movement of your legs.

Below is a list of the simplest workouts that you may easily perform at home.

  • Bicycling or cycling
  • Pilates

The Pilates directly target toning the leg muscle.

  • Leg rolls
  • Walking
  • Squats
  • Jump squats
  • Hip extensions

While below is a few examples of the workouts that you may perform at the gym.

  • Swimming
  • Join a class

Gyms normally hold various classes for legs’ slimming such as the famous Zomba Dance, which may help burn up to 750 calories per hour.

  • Try basketball.

Tips for getting slimmer legs

Food and exercise will definitely take some time before achieving considerable results. In the meantime, there are a few tips and tricks that you may try. They will assist in achieving the illusion of slim, skinny and slender legs with a measurable time!

  1. Wear heels. Heels help not only put on that little extra bit of height but also, help to give the illusion of slimmer legs!
  2. Wear colored shoes

Choose the best shoes that their color is similar or quite close to your skin. That will provide an uninterrupted appearance of colors, giving the illusion of thinner and longer legs.

  1. Wearing black or block colored opaque tights

That also will provide an uninterrupted appearance of the colors, which also gives the illusion of slimmer and longer legs.

  1. For ladies, the length of your skirt can make or break your look! The best skirt lengths are those which end just above the knee since these help provide a slim and slender look. On the other hand, midi skirts end up breaking the leg line while maxi skirts make your legs look shorter.
  2. Avoid the Capri pants.
  3. Try to wear long pants.

Long pants also give an uninterrupted appearance, which gives an illusion of a longer person.

Good luck in your journey. Hoping this article has helped you learn how to get the skinny legs you wish.


Getting skinny legs mainly depends on enhancing the rate of fat burning, fat redistribution, and improving the muscle tone of the legs. That should be accompanied with the proper workouts, and a certain diet called “Skinny Legs Diet”.


The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor.

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