How To Make Beetroot Juice: 5 Super Easy Recipes To Try

When beetroot juice started getting popular, I did think to myself: Not another one of those juicing fads! I’m glad I spent some time researching into it though because I found so many benefits of drinking beetroot juice that I didn’t previously know about. If you’re still a little unconvinced, read on!

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making beetroot juice

Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Why should you consider beetroot juice? It may seem a little odd to drink beets, but they actually have lots of nutrients that’ll give you tons of health benefits.

Improve Blood Flow and Pressure

Since beets are a high nitrate food, those nitrates will help the blood flow better into the brain. Nitrates even decrease blood pressure. If you drink just two glasses of beet juice a day, research actually shows a decrease in blood pressure!

Prevention and Cures

Well I can’t say it’s a miracle cure, but beetroot juice can help prevent tumors. It protects the cells and promotes new cell growth. The folate that helps skin and folic acid even help prevent birth defects, and with the antioxidants in it, anyone can have an improved immune system.

Positive Effects on Mood and Mental State

Just grab your beets for improved metabolism with a natural constipation cure. Getting rid of constipation will no doubt help your mood, but the betaine used to treat depression and tryptophan also have a relaxing influence.

5 Beetroot Juice Recipes To Try

You have your beetroot juice, so now what? I doubt that you just want to drink it straight, but I’ve got 5 great ways to mix it up a bit so you’ll look forward to your daily dose of beets!

Vitamin A Kicker

This is a great way to start off the day with some Vitamin A and Vitamin C to curb hunger and give you energy! Just run your beetroot and two carrots through your juicer. Then cut your two oranges is half and use a squeezer to extract the juice. Throw in some ice, and you’re done!

Purple Limeade

Drink this limeade when it’s warm out for more Vitamin C and Vitamin A to protect your skin from the sun. Peel your plum and cut out the middle before putting your halves into the juicer. A half a cup of water goes in next with lots of ice, some sugar, and just a little honey. Then just throw your beetroot in the juicer and pour the juice into a glass with your six key limes and water.

Beet Berry Blast

This drink is especially great after a workout to refuel your muscles and speed up your recovery. Cut one cup of strawberries in half and put them and half a cup of blueberries into the juicer. Throw your beetroot in with two large apples too and pour it all into a cup. With some ice, it’ll be perfect.

Beetroot Zinger

Sweet beets, tangy ginger, and rich apple juice? It’s hard to pass that up, especially since it’s got lots of fiber to curb hunger and boost immunity. Run your beetroot and one inch piece of ginger through the juicer. Cut two apples into quarters, peel them, and throw them in the juicer too. Mix the juices together and add ice for a sweet treat.

Royal Colors

Get some of those great antioxidants with just one drink! Peel your beetroot before juicing it with two cups of grapes. Peel two plums and drop them into the juicer too for a perfectly delicious pick me up in your afternoon.

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