How to Lose Leg Fat

Every day our legs that allow us to perform each of the daily tasks, therefore naturally tend to develop as many muscles as the rest of our body.

However, legs are a problem for many people who are overweight because fat tends to accumulate in this area, particularly in the area of ​​mulsos.

If you’ve been wondering if it is possible to lose excess fat from legs in a natural way, not worry! Losing excess fat from your legs naturally possible.

While there are no miracle cures, there is a lot of very effective strategies that will help you eliminate fat from your legs and allow you to look slender legs, shapely and sexy.

Lose fat from your legs with Exercise

Our legs are exercised whenever we walk, however, this is not enough to remove excess fat from them. If you want to lose fat permanently, you need to start practicing cardio exercises regularly and combine this exercise with strength training.

Cardio exercises increase your heart rate increasing fat-burning metabolism process. You can search the Internet for heart rate calculator to find out what is the range of heart rate should reach to burn more calories. You must achieve to remain in this range for about 20 minutes to burn as much fat as possible.

Cardio practiced periodically for a minimum of thirty minutes between 3 and 5 times per week.

What kind of cardio exercise is most appropriate to lose fat from your legs?

¿Swimming, jogging, walking in the sand? the options are endless, no clutch, if none of these sports or practices are to your liking, you can participate in team sports or join a gym to take group classes such as aerobics or spinning.

The key for you to succeed by removing fat from your legs is to find an activity you really enjoy because you will regularly practice without getting bored or feel like a sacrifice.

If you are a beginner in the practice of cardio, ideally begin with a gentle routine until gradually accustom your body you achieve practicing this routine. To start you can choose an activity that you find attractive or fun and practice it regularly for a daily minimum of 15 minutes. After a few weeks, gradually increase the minutes of your physical activity up to 30-minute sessions.

Exercise your strength training can practice at home and in the gym. If you prefer to join a gym, use the machines specifically designed to work the muscles of the legs. If, on the other hand, practice your strength training at home, takes the classic exercises squats, lunges and squats wall.

Lose fat from your legs on a diet

A thermogenic be the ideal diet to lose fat from your legs quickly. The thermogenic foods are those that aim to raise your body temperature accelerating your metabolism, thereby achieving the same burn more calories. The thermogenic diets provide excellent results. A thermogenic diet should include tropical fruits, green tea, pepper and hot spices.

The rest of your diet should consist of green leafy vegetables, low fat dairy products, eggs, lean meats and grains intergales. Limit consumption of salt and sugar and high fat opt ​​for unsaturated fats instead of after food.

Lose fat from your legs reducing stress

It’s not a novelty that stress collaborates with weight gain. When the body feels threats such as illness, stress or subjected to frequent dieting tends to store fat, because instead of turning it into energy stored in different areas of the body as fat. This is because the body against any threat, has the instinct to store fat so that the body achieves supplies if possible starvation.

Thus, even today, the body to feel the threat of food shortages tends to cumulate fat.

To reduce stress on your body and eliminate body fat yoga practice is recommended. Yoga is an activity to relax the body and mind. The regular yoga practice, prevents the body to produce hormones that occur in stressful situations.

To achieve an extra toning your legs, practice these poses or asanas requiring keep your balance and weight on one foot, also chooses poses where you should squat, bend the knees or poses where you should sit back, raise your legs and keep this position.

Remember also that you can lose fat from your legs without losing fat the rest of your body. Change your lifestyle, opt for a healthy diet that includes the proper foods to achieve your goal and periodically physical activity, thus see that your legs will get in shape and can show off shapely legs, toned and slender!

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