Low calorie diet: The diet of 1200 calories day

A dietary menu 1200 calories a day.

The items stated are generic in the Diet of 1200 calories a day, since choice of food is allowed, provided that they comply with the directions below.


• Tea or coffee with skim milk.
• 6 Cookies Mary or 150 gr. fresh fruit.

Lunch and Dinner

• 300 gr. cooked vegetable or 100 gr. boiled potatoes or defatted broth or salad.
• 100 gr. meat or 150-200 gr. fish or 2 eggs or 75 gr. of lean ham.
Fish can be accompanied by light mayonnaise sauce.
• 150 gr. fresh fruit.
• A slice of bread (25 gr.)
• Oil 2 tablespoons all day.

Important 1200 calorie diet:

1. Weights refer to clean food and raw.
2. Do not take sugar. Replace saccharin. Do not drink soft drinks or juices retained.
3. Avoid alcohol.
4. Drink plenty of fluids between meals (2000 cc)
5. Prepare cooked foods grilled or baked.
6. Avoid fried and stews or make them with very little oil.

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