Low cholesterol: Anti Cholesterol Diet

Anti-cholesterol diet: diet to lower cholesterol adults.

High cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Cholesterol can fight with medication and diet. Then an anti cholesterol diet helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and lose a few kilos. Then a menu of anti-cholesterol diet for each day. You can choose the alternative that you like.

Menu dietary anti-cholesterol diet (cholesterol lowering)


Drink at least 1 liter and half of mineral water. You can add tea, decaffeinated coffee, up to 4 times per day.

To accompany the meals

Small pan, or 2 slices of bread.
A pinch of salt, but avoid it if they are hypertensive.

Breakfast and Snack

Alternative 1
Decaffeinated coffee
1 yogurt with cereal (not recommended for people with high triglycerides) Alternative 2
1 glass of skimmed milk; You can add decaffeinated coffee, tea, or other infusion.
2 slices of bread spread with skim cheese or jam diet.

Alternative 3
1 fresh fruit juice (preferably grape)
Fresh fruits
1 skimmed yogurt or light


Alternative 1
Vegetable soup
Lean beef with lettuce, tomato and onion. Alternative 2
Mashed potatoes
Fish with shredded carrots, or squash.

Alternative 3
Lentils prepared with pepper and carrot
Chicken cooked with pepper and tomato
1 skimmed yogurt

Alternative 4
Vegetable soup
Grilled Fish

Alternative 5
Eggplants to taste
Fish fillet to taste

Alternative 6
Integrals (preferably), spaghetti with tomato sauce; not add grated cheese.
Turkey breast fillet, grilled with tomato or spinach.

Alternative 7
Salad with pepper, tomato and onion.
Hake or other fish baked or grilled.

Alternative 8
Vegetable soup.
Breaded a lean, baked, or fried cut with very little oil and is preferably olive.
1 skimmed yogurt.


Alternative 1
Natural tuna stuffed tomato.
Fish with tomato. Alternative 2
Boiled spinach.
Pumpkin souffle (tread pumpkin, 2 beaten egg whites and baked).
Lettuce and tomato.

Alternative 3
Vegetable soup.
Chicken with mashed potatoes.

Alternative 4
Asparagus to taste.
Brown rice with seafood.

Alternative 5
Chard tart.
Fish with onions.

Alternative 6
Green beans with boiled potatoes.
1 small serving of pasta, or 2 slices of pizza without cheese.

Alternative 7
Boiled corn.
Chicken with salad.

Alternative 8
Asparagus boiled or sautéed.
Fish cooked to taste.

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