What must take into account the time nourish ourselves

What we should keep in mind when feed if you are making any diet, food is not to be confused with nutrition but are often used interchangeably, they are different terms.

Today we are all in a consumer society that always invites us to be eating products that ultimately are nothing beneficial for our body and for our physical, it is important to choose foods that we consume, but even if these by performing a diet.

In this article we will give you guidelines so you know which is the best way to choose your food and get good nutrition.

Food and nutrition:

The feed comprises a set of voluntary and conscious acts are directed to the election.

Nutrition is the science that studies the relationship between food and health, especially in the determination of a diet.

Eat well should be part of every day so you can have a strong and vigorous healthy body.

What factors influence when feed?

If you’re doing some kind of diet is extremely important that you consider different factors that can influence your body.

It is vital to know what kind of wear life, to know what foods may be more beneficial for your body.


An athlete runs a very active lifestyle, so their daily diet should be a protein-based, rations of cereals, tubers, fruits and vegetables which can vary depending on the intensity and duration of training sessions diet.

A clerk handles a rate of more sedentary, so their food must be one based on calories, fish, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, nuts, seeds and whole grains diet.

How to know which foods are best for my body?

When some type of diet is made fast food is not a good choice because of its high fat and sugar.

Eat well for your nutrition process the better.

You must constantly feed fruit, keep your body well hydrated and you should never forget that you eat large portions of food is not necessary.

The human body works properly if you give it the nutrients necesarios.Debes find foods with more protein than fat.

What foods should not miss to make my purchases?

Items must be present in our market purchases and have good nutritional content are:

-Leches And dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.)

-Pescados, Meat and eggs

-Vegetables And vegetables


You graze, grains and protein foods

-fats And vegetable oils (verify that these have little content of trans fats).

Remember that eating is not the same as nourishment but if you make the right choice achieved it a healthy and balanced life.

Consider the products mentioned when making your purchases and choose well what foods your body needs are.

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