Myths and Realities Weight Loss

There are many opinions about the myths and realities of supplements, beverages, foods and substances used for weight loss, some for and others against

A supplement is a dietary ingredient intended to supplement the diet. The drinks where water stands have compositions and substances intended to promote the smooth functioning of the digestive system. And food are vital for nourishing the body.

But what are the truths and lies about supplements, beverages, foods and substances are to lose weight?

We know that a person who wants to lose weight might excited to hear the results of miracles and supplements, beverages, foods and substances to say good diet, but may not be as easy and as real as it seems.

So let 5 Myths and Realities weight loss

Myth 1: You do not need to change your diet or exercise if a supplement is consumed to lose weight.

Fact: Any supplement to lose weight must be accompanied by a healthy physical activity and a balanced diet.

It’s not enough to swallow a pill to lose weight if you do not have healthy habits.

Myth 2: Green tea helps burn fat and lose weight

Fact: Two components of green tea (Caffeine and EGCG) are good for burning fat, but this does not mean that anyone taking green tea after every meal can lose weight.

The thing about this drink is that it stimulates the body’s movement and therefore can burn more calories.

Myth 3: Natural supplements for weight loss no side effects

Fact: Any supplement mostly cause any changes in the body, consequently is likely to cause a side effect.

The only activities that have proven their effectiveness without any negative consequence for the body are healthy eating and exercise.

Before getting any power scheme you must advise by a health care professional, and avoid possible complications.

Myth 4: It is not good snack between meals

Fact: One of the secrets to losing weight is to eat healthy snacks between meals.

When your stomach begins to manifest is good to eat a fruit or other healthy food for the body, so avoid the body to assimilate all the calories you eat because you will force your metabolism to work much faster.

The important thing with this myth is good food choices you eat as a snack.

Myth 5: All carbohydrates are harmful if I want to lose weight

Fact: Not all carbohydrates are of the same class. There are some natural and other defendants, that is where the difference lies, for example, is not the same as eating a big piece of bread that a portion of peas or brown rice.

Both belong to the group of food carbohydrates naturally occurring but will provide the body with a good amount of fiber and help reduce the possibility of suffering from digestive diseases.

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