Nutribullet vs Juicer for weight loss

Juicers and Nutribullets can both process fruits and vegetables but they both offer a different product. Both can be used for various weight loss. But ultimately, it depends on what you want out of your diet and what you would like the product to do for you.

In this article, I will expand upon the pros and cons of both Nutribullets vs Juicers. I’ll also chat about how they can help you lose weight in their different ways.

Nutribullet vs Juicer

A Nutribullet and juicer are different in their fruit and vegetable processing abilities. A juicer removes about 90% of the fiber from the drink for your consumption whereas a Nutribullet blends (or smooths) your drink.

It does not remove any of the fibers from the drink. It simply pulverizes the fruits and vegetables of your choice into smaller particles for your easier consumption.

It works like a blender or a smoothie machine.

Pros of the Nutribullet for Weight Loss

The Nutribullet is great for weight loss because it does not remove the fibers. With the large amount of fibers, the smoothies that you create leave you fuller for longer. This allows you to keep going for a long time through the day. This is supported by the fact that you usually use a whole variety of fruits and vegetables to create your smoothie blend.

This means that you will yield more nutrients and fibers from more sources, which support the creation of a healthier drink. In addition, the fiber in the drink allows your body to process it more slowly. This allows for a steady release of nutrients into your bloodstream.

This also helps your body steadily absorb the glucose, preventing any spikes. Hence, it provides a fullness that helps in weight loss.  

The Nutribullet can also double as a food processor. You can create healthy snacks like hummus, soups or guacamole.

The Nutribullet is also less expensive and consumes little space in your kitchen. I love how compact it is! It is also easy to prepare, use and clean as well.

Overall, it works very quickly. It allows you to create healthy, filling and delicious drinks within a minute. Read about the battery operated blenders I use.

Cons of the Nutribullet

When you purchase a Nutribullet, you do not get a warranty with it. If you want to get that warranty, you must pay an extra fee for it. The Nutribullet is also priced differently offline and online. This means that you must seek out the best deal by comparing prices.

While the Nutribullet creates a drink that makes you fuller, it is important to remember that the drink comes out very thick. If you are fussy with the consistency and don’t like thicker drinks, this may be a problem. Nutribullets also tend to offer less nutrient yield as compared to juicers.

nutribullet versus juicer

Pros of the Juicer for Weight Loss

A juicer can easily create juice that is immediately ready-to-consume. This juice is created with just the pure fruits and/or vegetables and does not require adding any other ingredients (unless you want to).

In this case, while the juicer removes most of the fibers, you can still get some pulp from the fruit or vegetable.

This makes it very suitable for individuals who have sensitive digestive systems. Since the fibers are removed, you can actually consume much larger quantities of fruits and vegetables.

A huge benefit of the juicer is that you can get more vitamins, nutrients and enzymes from juice than the Nutribullet. This is because the body can absorb the nutrients more quickly with juice. Additionally, juice ensures the best taste since it only retains the watery elements of fruits and vegetables.

Another pro of the juicer is that it allows you to consume some vegetables that cannot be digested by the body. This includes the superfood, wheatgrass.

Some advocates for juicing diets recommend juicing because juice can offer your body all the nutritions that it needs with low calories.

Cons of the Juicer

The juicer is not as manageable as the Nutribullet. In general, it is more time-consuming due to the cleaning required. You need to clean your kitchen before and after you use the juicer. As mentioned, the juicer is not as great an option as the Nutribullet with regards to weight loss.

Since it does not retain much fiber, it does not promote fullness and may end up making you feel hungry still. This means that will have to supplement your juice diet with a balanced diet and other foods since it is unhealthy to just live off of juice.  

Other than excluding the fibers, it also excludes important antioxidants. Furthermore, without the fiber, you can end up getting a sugar rush from the spike in your insulin levels.

While it can process difficult vegetables like wheatgrass, it cannot juice things like bananas and avocados which can be nutritious and healthy. Juicers are also often more expensive.


Nutribullets vs juicers are both ways that you can use to lose weight but it depends on your goals. Nutribullets help you feel fuller due to the retention of the fibers. It promotes weight loss with that feeling of fullness, making you not feel the need to eat as much.

On the other hand, since juicers retain much of the important nutrients that you need, it helps you diet without losing any of it. On both sides, many people have expressed success. However, Nutribullets seem to work better since they retain fibers which prevent insulin spikes.

While they do retain less nutrients, the fullness that it provides best prevents you from feeling hungry and eating. The cheaper price tag is also a great bonus! Also read about magic bullet vs nutribullet

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