6 Foods to Avoid or Overweight Remedy

Being overweight is one of the most dangerous diseases in our time, it is a silent murderer deteriorating every organ of the body and also greatly affects our self-esteem. So you do not have to suffer the consequences of overweight in this article you will find a list of unsavory foods to control your weight. […]

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6 Essential Tips for Getting a Good Nutrition

For good nutrition does not have to deprive yourself of all the things you like, you can ease your anxiety by eating the right foods to eat. Only you must learn to choose foods that should not be missing in your diet for healthy nutrition and combat diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular problems and joint […]

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Therapy to Combat Obesity

While traditional methods of diet and exercise to combat obesity are very efficient, will not be sufficiently successful if not complemented by an attitudinal and behavioral therapy. It is essential to work the psychological side that may be causing overweight. What is behavior therapy in the treatment of obesity? What you enable this option is […]

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