PUMP: 2 Diets That Have Opposite Effect

Surely you know that diets are effective for weight loss in the course of your life and say you tried to follow several of them, but the question is: You’ve helped your goals ?.

2 Diets that have opposite effect.

– The diet of liquids only:

This trend diets, many people venture to spend a few days without eating anything and if only liquids. Juices, teas, soups, broths … and so on!

The result of this type of diet in the first analysis is great because it is when you can see the weight balance moving quickly in your favor and your waist measures start to decrease considerably.

But what manuals do not count in this type of diet is that these same people who lose weight with this type of diet because you have to endure the suffering of accordion effect later.

The body with this type of diet undergoes a radical change and begins to adapt to food rationing storing more and more fat.

– Diet 0% sugar and / or 0% fat:

Importantly, sugar and fat, but are considered harmful when consumed in large quantities, these are extremely necessary for the body substances, consisting of the main sources of energy daily.

Therefore, a diet that focuses on restricting these chemicals can mean a shortage in the body that will be reflected in the vital body functions.

Every living thing needs energy to think, breathe, walk, digest, etc … and since your body does not get the energy to perform such functions as simply will suffer.

It happens when dizziness, difficulty concentrating, pain … these are just some of the symptoms that can accompany this type of diet.

Not to mention to the accordion effect, because as soon as you aportunida consuming the sugar and fat, your body will absorb as much as possible and make a reservation within your body.

After this experience it will be much easier for your body to maintain your fat and burn muscle mass, it does not help you lose weight or be in good shape.

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