Surprising carbohydrates to speed up your weight loss

When we do diets to lose weight many people are deprived of carbohydrates to speed up the process.

However, we can lose weight while enjoying the food and consume carbohydrates wisely.

Many people who lose weight, think you have to deprive yourself of the foods you like and avoid carbohydrates, which leads us to feel hungry all the time.

But you can lose weight and feel satisfied, while we enjoy what we eat, including all the carbohydrates we need.

You’re probably familiar with the terms “good carbs” and “bad carbs.” But if you’re looking to lose weight you may find yourself completely avoiding both case.

However, we can and should include carbohydrates in any diet to lose weight healthily .

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In fact, some carbohydrates can actually help accelerate weight loss.

Find out more on carbohydrates to lose weight

Your body needs # sugar for energy, and gets a lot of sugar from carbohydrates. But the type of sugar determines whether help or hinder achieving your weight loss goals.

Why the type of carbohydrates you eat will make a difference when it comes to losing weight?

There are 3 types of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates, carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates fibrous.

The carbohydrates simple (sugar, honey, fruits, many breads)

These are the most common in typical diets. This type of carbohydrate consists of sugar molecules component quickly into the bloodstream.

The carbohydrate complex (rice, oats, pasta, bread)

These carbohydrates are also made ​​up of sugar molecules, but are strung together to form more complex chains.

Many of these are refined carbohydrates – such as white bread, white rice, white flour, sugary cereals – and assume the properties of a simple carbohydrate, stop quickly.

The carbohydrate complex unrefined are preferable to refined when eating if you want to lose weight, because the sugar is released more slowly than refined from.

The carbohydrate complex fiber (beans, lentils, vegetables)

These carbohydrates are low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals and #fiber .

Fiber is indigestible which means that much of the food passes through your body and not absorbed. This is useful for keeping your digestive process running clean and healthy and prevents suffer spikes in our blood sugar levels in the blood, or both trigger insulin production.

How carbs / sugars are converted into fat.

When carbohydrates are rapidly broken down into sugars (such as 1 and 2), the pancreas releases insulin to get sugar from the blood to decrease, mainly by converting the excess sugar into stored fat.

Why do we feel hungry shortly after eating carbohydrates simple / sugar?

Due to the rapid rise and rapid decline of sugar, we feel tired, dizzy, irritable and lethargic.

The body struggles to maintain balance, and to do so after a while we are hungry again and we need to eat to get more energy because we eliminate the sugar rush and need more.

Because of this we overeat and still we fail to control our hunger.

Fibrous complex carbohydrates accelerate weight loss by:

  • No convert sugar into fat fast
  • Stabilize sugar levels in the blood for longer.
  • They keep time more satisfied with fewer calories, being a low energy density food.

Strictly limit our intake of carbohydrates can actually be counterproductive to cause stress to the body and contribute to adrenal fatigue. But it is important to select the carbohydrates that will benefit your body and not overwhelm our body with more sugar than we need to develop our daily activities.

Eating a balanced amount of carbohydrates right could give only the momentum that has been looking at your weight loss. In addition, you get to enjoy a wider selection of flavors and textures!

Following these simple tips and knowing exactly what happens in our body can lose weight while enjoying a delicious meal varied, including much needed carbohydrates.

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