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The Best Vegetarian Diets for Weight Loss

In recent years there has been a tendency to follow low-carb diets, however, recently, medical studies have shown that diets should incorporate healthier food groups. While it is possible to obtain the full range of nutrients your body needs a plant-based diet, the best vegetarian diets to lose weight are those that provide you with […]

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4 Fat Burning Carbohydrates and 4 Carbohydrates you must avoid

Carbohydrates have become a controversial issue in the circles dedicated to weight loss. Some gurus recommend following diets diets high in carbohydrates, while others argue that they must steadfastly avoided. Investigations of the weight loss, revealed that can reduce body fat leading a high-carbohydrate diet or a diet low in these molecules. However, having so […]

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How to Reduce Double Chin Fat

The unwelcome presence Gill is a factor complexed to many people. If you have a round face by nature, is likely to be prone to accumulate fat under the chin. Learn how to reduce double chin fat! While there are no miracle cures to eliminate double chin, the tricks you need to take to achieve […]

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Famous diets and actresses: The Atkins Diet

No carb Atkins diet to lose 4 kg in a week:Famous Diets The Atkins Diet is the main diet used by the famous Hollywood. The diet was created in 1970 by American cardiologist Robert C. Atkins. He had a great popular success and today is fashionable! Atkins is characterized by the food consumption at will […]

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