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Professional Diet Guide for Beginners

Have you been a yo-yo dieter for as long as you can remember? Is this the first time you’re trying to lose weight, but you have no idea where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the huge amount of information about nutrition that is out there? This article will give you suggestions and tips as a professional […]

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Astronauts diet

The astronauts diet was rumored to be developed by NASA nutritionists to optimize the intake of nutrients from food, and to eliminate stomach issues. However, along the way, the diet became popular for another reason: weight loss. It’s difficult for other diets to match the weight loss on this diet, as it occurs so quickly. […]

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Exercises To Lose Belly In 1 Week

Exercises to lose belly aerobics are considered as they are exercises alya and low and long lasting, which ideal for losing belly. But in order to lose weight and not regain that weight, you should follow a good diet and exercise regularly. But if you want to lose belly in 1 week, it’s time to […]

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Low calorie diet: The Air Force Diet

The Soviet pilots diet to lose 10 kg in 14 days. Learn this air force diet! This diet was created by the air force of the Soviet Union to maintain proper weight of the pilots. The Air Force diet is low in calories, which makes it a rigid diet. Diet duration: 2 weeks (maximum). Weight […]

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The Best Vegetarian Diets for Weight Loss

In recent years there has been a tendency to follow low-carb diets, however, recently, medical studies have shown that diets should incorporate healthier food groups. While it is possible to obtain the full range of nutrients your body needs a plant-based diet, the best vegetarian diets to lose weight are those that provide you with […]

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Low calorie diet: The Magic Soup Diet

A diet of 700 calories to lose 6 kg in 7 days. The diet of the magic soup is a low calorie diet. Its base is a special vegetable soup that is taken whenever hunger stalks. After a few days it alternates with other foods rich in animal proteins and fats. Their staple foods are pepper, […]

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Low calorie diet: The diet of 900 calories day

An effective diet with a little effort. The items stated are generic in the Diet of 900 calories a day, since choice of food is allowed as long as they abide by the instructions supplied. BREAKFAST: • Coffee or tea without sugar. • Skim Milk 150 ml. or 1 yogurt without sugar. • Pan 30 […]

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