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Low calorie diet: The Associate Diet

A diet based on high intake of carbohydrates. The diet is associated with a reduced calorie diet. It contains almost all foods, including fats and sugar, even in minute doses. The associated diet is based on calorie control and high intake of carbohydrates (cereals, flour, fruit, vegetables, rice and bread). Their staple food is rice, […]

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Diet to lose weight: The Balanced Diet

Lose weight 7 kg in a month without causing shortages. The Balanced Diet allows you to lose up to 7 kg in a month. This balanced diet meets the needs of the body without causing shortages or surpluses. It is recommended for any healthy person. Duration of the diet. 1 to 4 months can prolong […]

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Healthy diet: The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet: the healthiest diet in the world to lose 1kg The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet in the world. Scientists confirm that the Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular disease, increases life expectancy and reduces overweight. Weight Loss: 1 kg a week (up to your ideal weight). Diet duration: unlimited. Calories: 2000 calories daily. Foods […]

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