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Low calorie diet: The Mayo Clinic Diet

Diet Mayo: a diet of 1000 calories. 14 days eating (almost) just eggs. Diet Mayo became fashionable in the 80 Diet was created by the famous Mayo Clinic in the United States. The Mayo diet is a low calorie diet of 1,000 calories a day. The Mayo diet reservation to persons with an iron will, […]

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Low calorie diet: The diet of 900 calories day

An effective diet with a little effort. The items stated are generic in the Diet of 900 calories a day, since choice of food is allowed as long as they abide by the instructions supplied. BREAKFAST: • Coffee or tea without sugar. • Skim Milk 150 ml. or 1 yogurt without sugar. • Pan 30 […]

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4 Fat Burning Carbohydrates and 4 Carbohydrates you must avoid

Carbohydrates have become a controversial issue in the circles dedicated to weight loss. Some gurus recommend following diets diets high in carbohydrates, while others argue that they must steadfastly avoided. Investigations of the weight loss, revealed that can reduce body fat leading a high-carbohydrate diet or a diet low in these molecules. However, having so […]

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