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Reasons to add yogurt to your diet

People around the world know that yogurt is always in supermarkets and often in every home refrigerators. But you know lcuáles are the benefits for your body, weight and health? Yogurt is a food that is obtained by lactic fermentation, they are added bacteria – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus that despite the name, are […]

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7 Reasons to Add to Your Diet Yogurt

People around the world know that yogurt always find in supermarkets and often in refrigerators of all households. But you know what it contains and what its benefits for your body are? According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the United Nations, yogurt is a food that is derived from lactic fermentation bacteria […]

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Curious Diet: The Antifracaso Diet

Antifracaso Diet: Lose Weight not fail in the attempt. Dieting is complicated and certainly more than once you’ve tried dieting and have finished abandoning the first opportunity because you have not seen the results. If you are the type that you have started again and diet and you forsaken all, we have the solution to […]

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Calcium for Weight Loss

Calcium is an extremely useful to suppress lipogenesis, increased use of fat during caloric restriction and reduces the size of adipocytes item. Before opting for calcium supplements in pill form, it is very important to know that calcium from dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt is much more effective than supplements sold in […]

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