Therapy to Combat Obesity

While traditional methods of diet and exercise to combat obesity are very efficient, will not be sufficiently successful if not complemented by an attitudinal and behavioral therapy. It is essential to work the psychological side that may be causing overweight.

What is behavior therapy in the treatment of obesity?
What you enable this option is acquiring new much healthier habits of mind that you will not only lose weight but will also help you keep it off. This is to change the habits that cause obesity, it is not only develop a routine.
The aim of this strategy is to change the relationship we have with food, especially in extreme cases of obesity.
It has been shown that this therapy, along with reduced energy levels that become calories from fat, can help people with obesity lose weight in about a year and without the risk of recovery.

Techniques used in behavior therapy.
Auto monitoring of physical habits and food:
It is becoming aware of the habits we have. This technique should keep track of the things you eat during the day, its contents in calories and nutrients.
You should also note whether any physical activity becomes, how hard and how long. With this we know what the problems are in our habits and find the behaviors that make us suffer from obesity.

Stress Management:
Stress greatly affects our eating habits. If we can master anxiety, be less psychological impulses that transmit the desire to eat.
Meditation, relaxation and breathing are the most successful strategies.

Stimulus control:
When we managed to make a complete record of our eating habits and preferences, we can begin to identify the situations or stimuli that make us want to eat are.
Thus, we can avoid exposing ourselves to these situations and learn to manage without the need to resort to unhealthy foods.

Resolving problems:
This technique relates to stimulate the capacity to resolve situations that cause anxiety. Some key points are the identification of conflicting factors with regard to food and exercise, of possible alternatives to remedy and choosing an effective means to channel the energy we are erroneously putting in food and this is what we causes obesity.

One of the great advantages of applying behavioral therapy, is that you learn to cope with frustration and eradicate the root problems that cause obesity.

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