Training for Weight Loss

To lose body fat you should not just limit your daily intake of calories, but you must increase burning them. For this reason, it is advisable that you make this goal-oriented training. Proper training will allow you to raise the metabolic rate and produce a caloric expenditure.

How to burn more calories?

The most appropriate to increase caloric expenditure exercises are cardiovascular exercises, however there is a controversy regarding the intensity and duration that should have the same metabolism to make use fat stores as energy, burning thus greater calories.

To clarify this controversy is a very complex issue, since in many cases depends on the physical condition of each person. However, there are important criteria you should consider to achieve this goal.

What are the best ways to increase caloric expenditure?

It is advisable that you choose cardio exercises to mobilize more muscle mass producing the least fatigue. In this case, exercises most suitable mainly for beginners and overweight people are swimming, rowing and elliptical, while less indicated are the climber and race as fast local produce fatigue.

Duration and intensity of cardio

In order for the body to use fat reserves as fuel, you must first exhaust the supply of glycogen. To achieve this goal, cardiovascular exercises should be practiced progressively. Thus, as the blood glucose reserves and muscle glycogen is depleted, the body for energy through fatty acid degradation. Therefore, the longer the period, more fat is used as fuel.

Less than 30 minutes cardio will not get to use the energy reserves as fat. For this to happen, cardio should last at least 40 minutes.

On the other hand, the intensity of cardio is subject to the physical condition of each individual. Those trained people can choose exercises moderate to high intensity, while those who are just beginning to practice cardio, have not yet developed deeply aerobic capacity, so you should choose exercises with low to moderate intensities.

How to increase the metabolic rate?

If we want our body carries a high caloric intake, we should note here that muscle tissue is responsible for increasing the metabolic rate. People with their more developed muscle groups, need more nutrients, temperature control, etc.

Active muscles perform a high metabolic rate, even when they are at rest. Therefore, to increase the metabolic rate is important never to forget that muscles need rest and is not advised them to work every day. In fact, it is advisable to work the muscle groups every other day in and day out, to let them stand and thus avoid over demand them.

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