Vega One vs Shakeology Review

If you’ve been considering vega one or shakeology, I have collated some information for my own research. Read on to find out which will suit you better!

What Is A Health Shake?

Health shakes are relatively new in the shake world as compared to the more common meal replacement and protein shakes. They’re not quite that famous, most likely because they come at a distinctly higher price than the other types.

This is not totally ungrounded though, as health shakes often offer more benefits and nutrients than meal replacement and protein shakes.

In fact, with the amount of nutrients in a health shake, they even have more benefits than a multivitamin could ever offer. The best way to get an idea of just how much a health shake can offer is by looking at its nutritional label.

Shakeology Alternatives You Can Consider: 2019 Top Picks

This review would look at two of the most popular health shakes out there on the market, Vega One and Shakeology (SH).

It’s important to note that both of the shakes in this review, Vega One and SH, are both health shakes (not protein or meal replacement shakes_ and are thus both a little pricier than you may be used to.

Differences: Vega One vs Shakeology


As you will notice SH offers less but clearer benefits. You know exactly which components offer which benefits. As for Vega One, it has several benefits but no clear claim which of its ingredients and components make it so. Nevertheless, both have formidable offerings.

Vega One: The Benefits

  • Optimizes health by providing you with the key nutrient bases that your body needs
  • Provides energy for an active lifestyle
  • Helps in metabolism
  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Keeps skin and eyes healthy
  • Ensures proper function of and repairs muscle and connective tissue
  • Healthy intestinal flora
  • Strengthens the immune system

Sheakeology: The Benefits

  • Reduces food cravings by providing you with proteins, vitamins, and minerals
  • Detoxifies and protects your body from free radical damage with the antioxidant and phytonutrient content
  • Provides energy and reduces stress with the Adaptogen herbs
  • Supports digestive health with prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes

Shakeology comes out on top in terms of benefits, as it has proven to be the more energizing one of the two.

It also offers MSM, which helps a lot for joint and muscle pain. It also improves digestion better than Vega One, even though both shakes offer probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid in digestion.

That’s likely due to the other components of SH such as fiber and probiotics.


Both offer a wide range of ingredients to help support the various health benefits that they offer. The ingredients are pretty much similar, but SH offers more super foods ingredients than Vega One.

Vega One Ingredients

  • 100% vegan option
  • Plant based, alkaline-forming ingredients
  • Natural and come from whole foods
  • Dairy, gluten, and soy free
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial additives (flavor, color, or sweetener)
  • Protein from plant sources
  • Fiber (flax, inulin, and pea)
  • Plant based Omega-3
  • Antioxidants from fruit sources
  • Greens
  • 50% of the daily requirement for vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes

Sheakeology Ingredients

  • Over 70 nutrient rich ingredients
  • All from plant sources
  • Main ingredients come from whole foods
  • Lactose, dairy, soy, and fructose free
  • No artificial additives (flavor, color, etc.)
  • Protein and essential amino acids
  • Digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Antioxidants and phytonutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Himalayan salt to help prevent tooth decay and acne
  • Coconut flower nectar for a variety of nutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, and more
  • Moringa rich in vitamins C and A, calcium, potassium, and iron
  • Luo han guo, a healthier alternative to sugar

While Shakeology offers more superfood ingredients, Vega One has an edge when it comes to protein, sugar, and sodium content. Vega One has slightly more protein content, and its sugar and sodium levels are both at a lower amount than Shakeology’s, which can be vital if you’re looking to lose weight and gain more muscle.

Taste, Texture, and Appearance

While Vega One is vegan, SH is available in both vegan and non-vegan options. Due to this, VOne may taste a little blander and less palatable than some of the SH’s flavors.

VOne are also grainier in texture as compared to SH ones.

There is also the issue of VOne shakes turning green, which can appear unappealing and unappetizing to some.

Price Comparison

Now let’s talk price. It would be a lie to say that price doesn’t really matter in determining the better of the two, because your budget matters too.

Shakeology is the pricier of the two, which is understandable considering the amount of benefits and rarer ingredients that it offers as compared to VOne. So if you’re looking for the cheaper option, VOne is the way to go.

It has pretty good benefits and qualities which still make it one of the better choices for health shakes out there.

While pricey, VOne is not as expensive as SH.

Final Verdict

If money is not an issue for you, then Shakeology remains to be the better choice in terms of ingredients, nutrients, flavor, appearance, energizing benefits, and digestive benefits. Plus, you have more choices with the vegan and non-vegan options. You really get what you pay for when it comes to SH.

I understand that the price may seem daunting, but you can choose Vega One if that’s a huge factor in choosing your choice of health shake. But remember that while it’s easy to find a cheaper alternative, you won’t get the same amount of benefits and quality than if you choose Shakeology.

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